Personal Care for seniors & Elderly Home Care

Our personal care for seniors are tailored to individuals who need a helping hand with common everyday things that may have become a challenge. Whether you’re living in your own home, retirement community, or assisted living community, help seniors home care, the spouse of someone who needs help, or a concerned friend or family member, rest assured that our gentle and compassionate caregivers are there to attend home care services for your needs. Each caregiver is carefully screened, and must pass several tests and training components to become a valued member of the At Home Care team.

Personal Home Care Services Includes:

  • Meal preparation
  • Monitor diet & eating
  • Evening/tuck-in
  • Morning/wake-up
  • Overnight helpful assistance
  • Arrange appointments
  • Reminders for medication
  • Assistance with reading
  • Write letters & correspondence
  • Stimulate mental awareness
  • Escort to church, errands, etc.
  • Assistance with clothing selection
  • Reminders for appointments
  • Mail bills & letters
  • Grooming
  • Assistance with bathing​
  • Assistance with dressing
  • Assistance with walking​
  • Help with incontinence seniors care​​​
  • Help with restroom use​
  • And more​

Elderly Home Health Care Preparation of Meals Keepers

Our caregivers are available to support doctor-prescribed diet and nutrition plans. We can also help with meal planning and grocery shopping to meet dietary requirements.

Seniors may be restricted in their diets. In a wellness plan, a doctor or nutritionist might include special dietary requirements. This could covered restrictions on the amount of food that can be eaten or limits on how much. These are some of the most common situations:

Certain medicare may have food restrictions or sensitivities. Physician-created nutrition plans are often designed to address these issues. A home care plan should include the timing of medication dosages. Timing is a problem, especially for seniors with memory loss or physical limitations.

Senior living alone may struggle to eat the right nutrition. It can be difficult used to move around the kitchen or lift pots and pans. This makes healthier home-cooked more necessary. These meals can be replaced with packaged food, fast food or other low-calorie options. Senior citizens need to eat enough calories and get the right nutrients to avoid excess weight loss, obesity, and dehydration.

If left untreated, dehydration can cause serious health problems. This is still a leading cause of hospitalization in older adults. 8 ounce glasses are the recommended daily intake. However, it is possible to have more depending on your health and prescriptions.

Our caregivers are available to help for seniors with cooking and other tasks. Our goal is to make eating healthy and enjoyable.

Personal help seniors care services that are positive and guide assistance can include:

  • For those suffering from memory impairments or memory problems
  • Management and reminders for medication
  • Assist with appointments or errands
  • Assistance for physicians who prescribe better exercise programs
  • Monitoring of condition changes  
  • Assistance with fall prevention and fall risk assessment

We are committed to providing the best home care.  We would love to speak with you if you or your loved one could benefit by companionship, focus personal home care or any other of our specialized services.


What is personal care?

Personal care home health can be defined as any assistance that assists with personal hygiene and daily activities such as dressing, grooming and toileting. Comfort Keepers’ caregivers are trained to assist clients with their personal home care needs. They can provide search assistance from stand-by to complete loved aging care, depending on the client’s needs.

These can range from basic tasks like bathing, mobility and toileting assistance, cooking and serving meals to more hands-on care such as position changes for clients who are in bed and specialized elderly care for people with memory impairments or cognitive disability profile.

Personal home health care services may also including home care insurance, outings, shopping trips, or other activities that will keep you engaged, both emotionally and physically.

Comfort Keepers can create a care cost that addresses your loved one’s physical adjustments, emotional, and social needs. Our home care providers to ensure one of our clients live a high quality life and maintain their independence at home care program.

Do you offer only grooming in the home for older adults?

While our majority of clients are elderly adults, our staff also serve people from all different ages. We invite you to call us to guide your particular circumstance.